Etch. Cut. Machine.

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Whether it’s intricate Laser parts, Plasma Cut metal brackets, or CNC machined wood, plastic, or aluminum parts we have the infrastructure to complete your part requirements. See our partial Machine list, Capabilities, and Materials below. 


Bed Size: 48” x 48”

Maximum Material Thickness: 1/2”

CO2 Laser

Maximum Bed Size: 18” x 32”

Maximum Material Thickness: 1/4”

CNC Router

 Maximum Bed Size: 48” x 96”

Maximum Material Thickness: 3”

A note about laser cutting.

Limitations:  The wattage on our lasers is not high enough to cut or mark metals. However, we can etch anodized metals.  Due to toxicity, we are unable to laser cut or etch any PVC materials. At this time, we are not able to etch items that would need to rotate while etching. (example: curving around a wine bottle)